It’s a well-known fact that employers and recruiters ‘Facebook stalk’ candidates online, but it goes both ways. Before a candidate clicks on the apply button, they Google your company name and even the person collecting the response.

This is something you, as an employer, should be aware of.

Let’s start with you as the recruiter. What will the candidate see on your social media profiles? Remember that you are a representative of the company. Is your profile filled with spelling or grammar errors?  Man alive, did you really post that selfie? Did your friend tag you in an inappropriate photo on a wild night out? Yes, that’s your personal life, but it’s still out there in the public eye. Inappropriate and unprofessional social media profiles could be the reason a candidate decides not to click on the apply button.

Let’s take the focus off you and move to the company search. See what customers say about your staff in Google Reviews. If a customer gives a low star-rating to one of your departments it indicates to job seekers that your staff may not be happy, or that they don’t receive sufficient training or even that the company does not invest in them enough.

Company reviews from candidates (interviewed, current and past) are available on Jobvine, Careers24, Indeed and Glassdoor to name a view. Are you aware of what is said about the company you try so hard to recruit for?

Does your company have a presence on the social platforms your potential candidates are active on? I don’t just mean LinkedIn, but also Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can use these channels to show off your employer brand by posting photos and stories of your staff being productive, excelling and being happy in their jobs. Use these platforms to showcase ‘A day in the life of’ videos to encourage interest. Engage with your audience, because they are the candidates you need to win over and who are going to add value to your workplace, especially those who fit in with your company culture.

Recruitment is most certainly not just the copying and pasting of a job description into a print advert or online, hoping for CVs; it’s the perfect combination of the consistent and constant recruitment marketing of your employer brand and communicating the job to the right audience that you’ve built up, knowing where they sit, be it on social media, LinkedIn, vertical / horizontal job boards or in print.

About Elzette Fourie Creative Recruitment

Elzette Fourie is a recruitment advertising specialist and seeks to ensure that you and your employees represent your company in a way that attracts and retains the right talent. Job seekers have power, so never cut corners on Employer Branding, because your people make your brand.

Elzette works directly with companies and recruitment consultancies on recruitment and candidate search strategies, including advertising, marketing and employer branding. She also works collaboratively with recruitment communications agencies.

Elzette believes all recruiters have a common goal – helping employers find great talent and helping candidates finding a rewarding role that could become a career; with the bonus of tackling unemployment.

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