The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding: Crafting a Winning CV and LinkedIn Profile

By |2024-02-14T16:07:28+02:00February 14th, 2024|Personal Branding|

Lately, I've received numerous calls from job seekers looking for assistance with their personal branding. While this is not my primary occupation, I enjoy offering help wherever possible. If you need to revamp your CV [...]

Recruitment VS Recruitment Marketing

By |2024-02-14T15:59:16+02:00February 14th, 2024|Employer Branding, Personal Branding, Recruitment, Recruitment Advertising|

Recruitment and recruitment marketing are two different concepts used in talent acquisition. While they are related, they serve different purposes and have distinct strategies. Here is an explanation of how they differ: Recruitment Recruitment is [...]

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