Recruitment and recruitment marketing are two different concepts used in talent acquisition. While they are related, they serve different purposes and have distinct strategies. Here is an explanation of how they differ:


Recruitment is the process of finding and choosing candidates to fill job vacancies in a company. This involves creating job descriptions, advertising job vacancies, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and making hiring decisions. The main objective of recruitment is to identify qualified candidates to fill specific positions in the organisation.

Recruitment Marketing

In contrast to traditional recruiting, recruitment marketing concentrates on advertising an organisation as an appealing employer and developing a compelling employer brand. It employs marketing tactics to increase awareness and spark interest among potential candidates. The goal of recruitment marketing is to position the organisation as a favoured employer, enhance its reputation in the job market, and ultimately draw in the best talent available.

Key differences between recruitment and recruitment marketing


Recruitment involves the practical tasks of hiring for open job positions, while recruitment marketing is about improving the company’s reputation as an employer and drawing in highly skilled job seekers.


Recruitment marketing focuses on using marketing strategies to connect with potential candidates, establish positive relationships, and create a favourable image of the company. This approach is different from traditional recruitment, which involves tasks such as job posting, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews.


Recruitment is usually done in response to an urgent need to hire someone for a job opening. On the other hand, recruitment marketing has a more long-term approach by creating a consistent presence in the job market to attract potential candidates continuously, regardless of immediate job openings.


Recruitment is the process of seeking qualified candidates to fill specific job vacancies, while recruitment marketing is the process of targeting a wider audience, including passive job seekers who may not be actively looking for a job, but can be attracted by captivating employer branding and opportunities.

Channels and Strategies

Recruitment methods like job boards and career websites are traditional channels used by companies to find new hires. On the other hand, recruitment marketing involves a wider range of strategies and channels that include social media campaigns, content marketing, employee referrals, branding initiatives, and targeted advertising. This approach aims to attract a diverse and high-quality talent pool.

To clarify, recruitment involves hiring candidates for specific job openings, while recruitment marketing is a strategic method that concentrates on creating an appealing employer brand, connecting with potential candidates, and establishing a talent pool for the future.